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St. Mary's Convent, Doigrong

Place : Doigrong
Parish: St. Mary's Parish, Doigrong
Established Year: 2002
Address: St. Mary's Convent, Doigrong, Latekujan P. O, Golghat (dt), Assam
Pin: 785613
Phone: 03774 289741, 03899002365
Email: stmaryfcc@gmail.com

We were repeatedly invited by the Bishop of Dibrugarh to open a new house in the diocese of Dibrugarh by Rt. Rev. Joseph Aind. So far we had only one center in the entire diocese of Dibrugarh. So we started a house at Doigrong Parish in the district of Golaghat, Assam on 17th January, 2002. The first members of the house were Sr. Syra and Sr. Marylit. In the beginning there was no Convent building and the sisters were accommodated in the school building. In the following year the dispensary was made and the sisters were shifted to this house. This is a place where the people are disturbed by the elephants. The people often face elephant's threat.
The people of the area are Adivasis, Biharies, Muslims, and few Hindus. The Catholics are mainly tea garden workers. The sisters visit the villages and mainly engaged in the healing ministry. There is a Parish School up to Class X and three sisters are engaged in the mission of education. Other than this the sisters go for house visiting, catechetical works and evangelization.

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