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St. Xavier's, Thanlon

Place : Thanlon
Parish: St. Xavier's Parish, Thanlon
Established Year: 2000
Address: St. Xavier's Convent Thanlon P.O. Churachandpur Dt. Manipur.
Pin: 795143
Phone: 09436296548

It is a Mission station about 260 k.m. away from Imphal. In the year 1975 it was given to the care of IMS fathers. In 1976 Bethany sisters started to work in this center.

When the Ethnic problem broke out in 1997, this center was completely cut off from the other parts of the state because of the jungles and many militants who were on the way. This area was very much affected and many left their homes and went to other places. Bethany sisters closed their convent here by March 1998. The IMS fathers also stopped serving the station and they too left by June 1998 leaving the mission to the care of Archdiocese of Imphal.

At this situation we were asked to take up the Mission by His Grace Most Rev. Joseph Mittathany. Convinced that it was the need of the church, we gave our consent to work in Thanlon. By the end of January 2000 Sr. Mary Vellamundayil and Sr. Bright John, the first members of the community reached Thanlon. Their earnestness for the kingdom of God and compassion for the people revived the lost enthusiasm of the catholic community there.  

The sisters are happy and are actively engaged in the church as well as in the School apostolate. We have started to keep boarding girls. The sisters do visit the nearby families after the school and on Saturdays and Sundays. The people are mainly of Paite tribe. There are also few Simte and Zou tribes. The school was closed during the ethnic problem. Now it is opened and the classes are regular. The number of students also started  increasing year by year. 

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